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Business owners are presented with literally thousands of “marketing opportunities” from the time they launch their business. Do I need a website? Is the radio/television the best place for me to advertise? How do I get my business to the top of Google? The list goes on and on…

The answers are out there but many business owners are lured into purchasing marketing that may not be the most effective for their business, and end up blowing their marketing budget so that they’re not able to take advantage of marketing plans that could produce great results and provide a positive ROI.


How We’re Different…

We work with you and establish things like sales and marketing goals, budgets, forecasting etc. and look at solution based options that will bring the returns you are looking for. We then prioritize which avenues are best right now, a month from now, next quarter. This way we are systematically breaking down the marketing needs of your company.

One of the most important reasons that business owners should feel good about working with J.U.M.P is the network of industry specialists we have signed on as providers for our customers. Need a Graphic Designer for a Logo? Need a Social Media Expert? Need to compile an ultra targeted mailing list? We’ve got the trusted partner for you.


No need to go to Google and maybe find a provider that does not meet your needs, J.U.M.P. has several qualified providers from each marketing category and we thrive on pairing you up with the ideal provider for your situation. No More Guesswork!


Logo Design
Web & Print Layouts
Branding Initiatives
Collateral Design

Marketing & PR

ROI Comparisons
Copy Writing
Direct Mail Campaigns


Website Development
Social Media Optimization
Email Marketing

Trade Shows

Trade Show Displays
Lead Generation

Marty Johnson

Marty is a Fredericksburg Va. native and has spent over 16 years helping businesses connect. Whether it is helping them find the best solution to connect with their clients or helping professionals expand their networks through relationships.

Marty has done just about everything when it comes to marketing. Print advertising, web design, digital display marketing, signage and graphics. He feels of most value working as an advocate for his clients and making sure they are getting exactly what they need. He has always enjoyed the time he has spent working in the agency capacity. After leaving print advertising in 2005, he had his first experience on the agency side. “This is where I hit my stride, I can now sit down and learn about my clients, their needs, and really provide the best solutions. I am no longer selling anything.”

Marty has a home in Downtown Fredericksburg with his wife Maggie. He enjoys travel, golf, tennis and dining at the great restaurants Fredericksburg has to offer.

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